GooNext is the sales company owned by Studi Web: it provides its partners with the skills, know-how and strategic mastery of all services related to the Google search engine. GooNext is a Google certified agency, a guarantee of competence and reliability for performances that use ingeniously all the means made available by the most important search engine in the world.

The network of GooNext accredited partners, consultants and photographers is widespread in Italy and Spain, guaranteeing 360° photo shootings for the realization of spherical photos, Google Street View and Tourmake tours. GooNext develops its work through its offices and the internal staff, managing the competent territorial services in every nation, in line with the language and the specific market needs.

Using highly innovative technological tools, GooNext produces virtual tours, spherical photos and 360° videos. It exploits also the drone technology to engage users actively and make them the real protagonists of the scene.



Results Achieved

  • 400 virtual tours achieved on average per month
  • 120 accredited photographers in Italy and Spain
  • About 5000 tours realized per year